There are two differents ways to make a transaction on Bkper:

Using the text input

  1. Insert date, description and the value, like the image above.
  2. If you have any attachment, click to insert.
  3. Then, press record.

Using the full form

  1. Insert the informations and choose/create the From (debit) and To (credit) accounts.
  2. Press the post button.

Using Drag and Drop

  1. Drag and drop (one or more files) into your book and you are ready to go. 

See more about Drag and Drop

What happens next?

You have posted the transaction taking affect on the balance values of both accounts.

 The next time you record a "fuel" entry, the Bkper Bookbot completes the draft accounts for you, saving you from having to do that task.

Press the green Post button for the transaction to be accounted for on the balance values.

Transaction status

There are four transactions status:

  1. Complete draft: all required data is complete, and the transaction is ready to be posted.
  2. Incomplete draft: required data is missing. A transaction in draft status does not alter account balances.
  3. Posted unchecked: not conciliated.
  4. Posted checked: conciliated transactions.

See more about transaction status.

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