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What is Bkper?
How Bkper works video demo
How Bkper works video demo
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This video demo, walks you through the most important features of bkper from a business perspective.

Video Transcription

  • Introduction

Hi this is Jacob from Bkper, lets take a look at the Financial administration that Patricia does for Altostrat. As you can see she has organized her book in a balance sheet resulting in Equity, and monthly financial Statement resulting in Net income and here you see the Transactions that represent all the financial movements of Altostrat.

  • Transactions (0:26)

Transactions represent the movement of money from one account to another account. Each transaction always has an Origin Account and a Destination Account, It consists of a Description, The amount, Who posted the Transaction, The Post date, And the actual date of modification. Transactions can also have one attachment. Several external links and mobile records count with a Georeference.

  • Create Transaction (1:01)

I can create a new Transaction by just recording a simple description and a value. Note how bookkeeper completed both accounts, for me, based on my recording history… The Recorded draft can always be edited before actually posting it to the account balances.

In this case Patricia wants to add a receipt that justifies the expense.

And when she is ready, she posts the transaction, adding it to her reimbursement balance value and of course to this month's company's expenses.

  • Edit Transaction

  • Post Transaction

  • Create Accounts

Altostrat is doing very well and they have just contracted a new collaborator Arun. It takes just two new accounts to represent him in the administration.

  • Account types

His Reimbursement account is a liability - and his Salary is an expense for the company.

  • Accounts & Groups

For him to be accounted for correctly the accounts must be added to the right groups
 Reimbursement is added to the equity and liability groups so it is accounted for on the balance Sheet
 Salary is an Expense… Accounting on the Income statement.

  • Create Group

With the new Salary from Arun Patricia noted that she lost the overview of her common Expenses as the salaries make up the biggest chunk of the group.
 So she Decides to create a new group just for the salaries to separate both expense types

  • Modify Group

She removes the salary accounts from the Common expense Group and adds them to the newly created group.
 Now she has a much better insight into the common expenses again.

  • Sharing Collaborating

In order for Arun to start recording his expenses. Patricia shares the book with him with record only permissions. As a new comer he can now record transactions from his smartphone but has no full access to the book. Notified by email he records his first transaction… The description Arun used, is new to bookkeeper so the draft is incomplete, The first time... Patricia has to complete the transaction for Aruns new description. The next time... when Arun uses the same description, accounts are completed by bookkeeper, and Patricia only has to post the transaction. As you can see... Smartphone records come with digital receipts and georeferences.

  • Analyze & Report

For Patricia this all comes together in her ability to analyze finances easily and to easily report in real time with tools she is already familiar with

  • Saved queries

To Asses Altostrats Situation She has saved some queries that she frequently uses to get a quick overview

  • Charts 

On the bookkeeper Charts, she gets, Within a glimps of an eye a clear insight of what is going on. Who is slacking with expenses
 Which customer didn't pay. And so on...

  • Reporting

Of course none of this would make sense to her if she couldn't share her goals with her team
 Therefor Patricia prepared a simple dashboard, that keeps the team of collaborators focussed on the same Key Metrics.

  • Sheet add-on

To do so, she uses Google Sheets with the fully integrated bookkeeper Add-on that automatically fetches the balance values for her keymetrics. With just a few simple calculations she prepares the data for her charts. Note how clean her Google sheet is as she doesnt mix data with operations. And from this data she publishes the charts to her team members, always keeping them updated in real time.

  • Bkper is free

Well, that's a quick overview of bkper.
 Of course, since bkper is free, the best way to get to know bkper is to try it out for yourself. Sign up at and if you have any questions check out our help site at

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