Create accounts that represent your needs and enjoy the flexibility to build a financial structure that attends your resources and that easily re-structures as you go.

On the web console select the Accounts view.

Press the red New Account button to create a new account.

On the dialog that opens fill out a Name, Description and choose an account type.

Account Types:

  • Incoming: revenues like the salary you receive, a product or service you sell, etc
  • Asset: real account like bank account, cash and savings or receivables, like customers
  • Liability: debts like your credit card, a supplier or person you owe, a loan, etc
  • Outgoing: expenses like rent, transportation, salaries of your employees, etc

Press the red Create button to create this account. You can later change name, description and account type as you wish.

The account is now ready for use.

On the transactions view the account is immediately available for recording and balance tracking.

You can also automatically create accounts using the Google Sheets Add-on.

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