You can keep your transactions synchronized with your google sheets, google forms and Google drive.

Google Drive

You can simply drop a file in a folder, and the file will be automatically imported into your book. Each entry on the file becomes a transaction. Record images, PDFs and import OFX dropped into a Google Drive Folder. How to use it?

Google Sheets add-on

With our Google Sheets Add-on you can easily import, export, run custom functions and create beautiful dashboards with Bkper data from inside your Google Sheets.

The Bkper Spreadsheets Add-on lets you quickly record your transactions and fetch data from Bkper into your Google Spreadsheet to centralize financial data and easily create accounting and financial statements. How to use it?

Google Forms add-on

With Bkper Google Forms Add-on you can customize the way you, or your user, records data in your books, by specifying fields and validation rules. Each form submission can generate records in one or many books.
Record hours through a form, with the Add-on for Bkper, allows you to organize the input, and recording from the Android or IOS Apps, is very easy with no overhead of maintaining the form. How to use it?

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