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Although bookkeeping might seem challenging for the beginner in reality its nothing else than tracking simple transactions. The better you are in diligently tracking all your transactions the more you will be able to understand your economic situation.

In real life every-time you buy a product, service or financial assets you create a transaction. So, if you pay a taxi for a ride the amount of money that goes from your wallet to the driver represents a transaction.

This real life transaction, in Bkper, is represented by the flow of an amount from an origin account to a destination account. Where your origin account represents your wallet and the taxi driver is the destination account and the amount is the quantity of money that you paid for the ride.

Transactions explained by Ray Dalio from Bridgewater Associates

Merge transactions

Duplicate transactions are a common problem with input from different sources. Importing Credit Card transactions and Bank transactions, likely repeats the Credit card payment, leading to the wrong balance values. Learn more.

  1. Login to Bkper.

  2. Inside of the book, select the two entries/transactions.

  3. Click the Merge button.


  • Merging two transactions with a different value, creates a new transaction with the difference in value to keep the accrued amount.

  • The oldest entry is merged into the newest entry.

  • The information of the two entries are preserved on one entry.

  • The historic reference of a merger is in the Activities and Trash bin.

  • If transaction comes with a remoteId, from an external source, both remoteIds will be preserved to avoid future duplications.

Transaction filter bar

Bkper Transactions Tabs give you fast access to transaction filters, such as drafts, checked and unchecked transactions. Fixed on top of the transaction list, these tabs will streamline your work of posting drafts and checking transactions.

Checked tab: This tab shows the transactions that you checked.

Unchecked tab: This tab shows the transactions that you didn't check.

The transaction status

The transaction status can be Draft or Posted.


All transactions are initially drafts and may consist of text with an amount, url or image. While draft, the transaction recorded may be either incomplete or complete. Deleted drafts can be recovered from the trash bin and still be posted.

  • Incomplete: required data is missing, either the source account (from/cedit), destination account (to/debit), date, desciption or amount is incomplete. On completion, of the missing data, the record is posted.

  • Complete: all required data in complete and the transaction is ready to be posted.


Only on posting, after accounts are found and the amount is transferred from one account to another. Posted transactions may either be unchecked or checked. Posted transactions can not deleted, to undo the balance alterations, they can be reverted. Posted transactions can be returned to draft status.

  • Checked
    - conciliated transactions.
    - can not be modified.
    - can be unchecked.

  • Unchecked: posted transactions initially are unchecked. They can be checked and can be modified.
    They are not conciliated.

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