Bkper is great when it is used together with Google Drive for Mac/PC. You can, for example, save your OFX files from your bank account straight to a Drive folder and get all transactions automatically recorded into your book, without the need of even opening the web app.

The automation works by binding a Google Drive folder to your book, so you can drop files in that folder and get them automatically recorded into this book.

To bind a Google Drive, go to Automations Portal on Book Settings menu, install the Google Drive Integration, select the Folder you want to bind and Save the Integration:

1. Go to Automations:

2) Select Google Drive:

3) Install in a seconds:

4) Click and find your folder on Google Drive:

5) Select your folder:

6) Click "Save configuration":

That's all. From now on you all files dropped in that folder will be automatically imported to your book.

We currently support images, PDF's and OFX files.

Images and Pdf's:

  • Generates one record each
  • File name recorded as transaction text, splitting words by double underscores ( __ ) 

OFX files:

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