Outgoing Webhooks allow you to listen for triggers when a transaction is posted, which will then send relevant data to external URL(s) in real-time.

The Outgoing Webhook will only be triggered when the transactions are confirmed.

Outgoing Payload

When a transaction is posted, a GET/POST will be sent to the URL(s) specified below. The data is defined as follows:


JSON Data:

  "amount": 10.5,
  "bookId": "agtzfmJrcGVyLWhyZHITABRACADABRA",
  "bookName": "Sample Book",
  "link": "https://www.bkper.com/#transactions:bookId=agtzfmJrcGVyLWhyZHITABRACADABRA",
  "ckd": false,
  "creditAccBalance": -6905.0,
  "creditAccDescription": "Money account description",
  "creditAccGroups": [
  "creditAccId": 5123456789,
  "creditAccName": "Money",
  "debitAccBalance": 9433.0,
  "debitAccDescription": "Income account description",
  "debitAccGroups": [  ],
  "debitAccId": 5098765432,
  "debitAccName": "Income",
  "description": "Example description",
  "hidden": false,
  "id": "f4gdgretertra1",
  "informedDateMs": 1461675600000,
  "informedDateText": "26/04/2016",
  "informedDateValue": 20160426,
  "postDateMs": 1461668824644,
  "posted": true,
  "postedBy": "example@example.com",
  "reverted": false,
  "tags": [  ],
  "text": "Income Money Example description 10.5",
  "urls": [  ]



For example, if url = "http://example.com", bookId = "abcde", transactionId = "1234":

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