Bkper Automations allow you to streamline your financial workflows and processes, to reduce manual tasks, work with real time information and reduce error caused by human intervention.

The automations portal is accessible by the book's settings menu:

Connect Bkper to Solutions you already use, such as Bank accounts, Google Sheets, Google Drive or payment platforms such as Stripe through Zapier integrations so you can optimize financial activities. 

Banks and credit cards

Connect banks and credit card accounts to Bkper, so completed transactions at your bank are recorded as new drafts on your Bkper books as soon as they happen at the bank.  
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Google Sheets Add-on for Bkper

The Google Sheets Add-on for Bkper extends your accounting and bookkeeping capabilities on Google Sheets. The Add-on works in two directions, you can record new entries in Bkper from data on your Sheet and you can fetch data from Bkper into your Google Sheet so you can create your balance sheet and financial statements, run analysis with custom functions or create informational dashboards.  
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Google Drive

Drop images, pdfs, OFX, CSV files into a Google Drive Folder connected to your Bkper book and they will be recorded as new entries in your book.
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Automate your business workflows by connecting more than 1000 online solutions to Bkper and vice versa without the need of technical or programming knowledge.  
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Automate business workflows by connecting Brazilian financial solutions to Bkper without the need of technical or programming knowledge such as NFe-io, PagSeguro, Boleto Simples, Iugu, Moip, Pagar.me, MercadoPago, etc.
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Bkper API

The Bkper API is a Google Apps Script library to customize and extend Bkper so you can quickly build your own solutions and automate workflows with very simple scripts that fully integrate with G suite.
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Context Menu

Context menu integrations are used to call other sites and services directly from within bkper's web interface, in the context of the current query and book.
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