The automations portal is accessed from within each book, and the Apps, Bots and Bank connections are available to be installed from there:

There you can access the list of available Apps and Bots, as well as the bank institutions. Here are some instructions on how to install an App or Bot.

The instructions on how to configure each app appears after installation.

User Connections

A connection is a relationship between your user and an external Bot, App or Bank.

It keeps the necessary credentials to perform authentication and authorization to the external resource.

Take a look at this example:

Here the user has three Apps and Bots connected to its user account as shown in the User Connections tab.

One connection can be used by many books by setting up Configurations.

Book Configurations

A configuration sets how a connection is used in a particular book.

For banks, it can store the link between a Bkper account and the Bank account.

For bots and apps, it stores a simple installation reference.

In the example bellow, the Tax Bot is configured in the given book:

To uninstall a Bot or App from a book, you can simply remove the configuration, letting the user connection for other books to use.

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