Ultradox is a process automation and template engine for GSuite.

You can generate invoices and automatically record the transaction on bkper. Similarly, you can automatically generate a receipt and record it as a transaction as soon as customer pays you.

You can also create custom reports or financial statements and then upload do Google Drive, send by email, print on Google Cloud Print and so on These are a few of many options Ultradox provides.

If you are new to Ultradox and want to know more go to Ultradox help.

This example shows how to record an invoice automatically generated by Ultradox to your bkper book.

Copy the Invoice Example

To start, go to Ultradox website and copy a complete invoice example of Ultradox:

Add bkper to Ultradox

Click on "Add more" to show all Ultradox extensions

Add bkper to your Ultradox account

Add the "Record Transaction" bkper building block

Now that bkper is showing at Ultradox menu, just drag and drop the "Record Transaction" building block to the end of your flow

Authorize Ultradox to access your bkper account

As soon as you drop the "Record Transaction" building block, you will be asked to authorize the script:

Go ahead and accept the requirements, then you will need an aditional authorization step to authorize bkper API:

Configure your building block

Create a Form to store bkper bookId and build the record text:

Configure the form with your bookId param from your bkper book url:

Don't forget to add the preivew url of the generated document to the record text!

Run the flow

Now, just run the flow and see your transaction, with a link to the invoice, right on your bkper book! :-)

If you need assistance in help you automate your processes, configure flows and accounts, just get in touch. We will be happy to help you!

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