Where to search

In the search box at the top of the page, write what you're looking for. 

Search for any of the following elements: 

  • Accounts 
  • Transactions
  • Groups
  • Dates and periods
  • Users
  • Hashtags
  • Descriptions
  • Amounts

How to use the search operator

You can use words or symbols called search operators to filter your Bkper search results. You can also combine operators to filter your results even more.

Search for Users

You can search for a specify user. This will find all activities from this user.
For example: robert.

Or you can search for user activity:

Note: user activity is different than transaction state, so a transaction can be unchecked but a user might have checked it at some point.

Search for Transactions 

Which transactions are posted? Which transactions are checked? You can search for the status of the transactions.


Note: Transaction State is different than user activity, a transaction can be is:unchecked but was checkedBy: someone earlier.

Search for accounts or groups

Specify the sender (from)

Example: from:Cash Robert

Specify a recipient account (to)

Example: to:Food

From > To

Search for debit or debit positions with from: or to:
from: " Cash Robert " to:Food
Note: From: and to: can be used with Accounts, Groups, Types.  

Search for types of accounts

 There are four typer of accounts and you can search for them: 

  • Incoming
  • Assets 
  • Liabilities 
  • Outgoing 

Example: from:incoming

Search for messages sent during a certain time period

Search transactions on a specific date or in a specific time range.

Note: Date formats depend on book settings.

Date variables

Search transactions periodically.
 General annotation: ($y|$m|$d)(-|+)(1-999).


Get balance detail by periodicity


amount:2000 lists all the transactions with the amount of 2000.


Default behavior on Bkper search is AND when searching for more than one word, but you can filter results with any of the following operators.

Bkper Search Examples

Who paid any transport or lodging costs with cash in june 2016?
 cash (transport OR lodge) on:07/2016
 Any consolidated transactions that ended up in the trash bin?
 is:trashed checkedBy:pat.bauhaus@gmail.com
 3 Month Profit Report
 group:"Expenses" OR group:"Income" after:$m-3  


  • Save your queries on the Context menu
  • Use your saved queries on the Add-ons for Bkper to access your results.


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