You can keep track of budgets on bkper in two different ways. 

1. Just keep track of a budget.
This is a simple way, to keep a budget that most likely does not represent any real (bank) account.

- Create a book for a specific budget. 
Budget Team A 

- Assigning a Budget to an Asset account.
100.000,00 Adjustment >> Budget Available budget 2018 

- Record spendings against the budget account. 
4.000,00 Budget >> Materials 

Like this you get a clear view on how much of the budget was already spent at any moment in time. 

2. Budgets with real accounts.
This method will actually involve real accounts and will result in losses or gains on budgets.

- On your book, next to already existing accounts, create a (liability) account for a Budget
Budget team A 

- Record future (estimate) spendings against this budget account, the balance value will represent the expected budget. 
4000,00 Budget team A >> Materials 

- Record actual payments against this budget account (what you actually paid, in this case 1000 more than was expected).
5000,00 Bank Account >> Budget team A    #materials

- Record corrections on the budget 
1000,00 Budget team A >> unexpected expenses 

Note: you can use the check mark to consolidate future spendings when they are really made.

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