Invoicing for Schools

An automated billing solution for schools to invoice and keep track of parents' payments and balances due. 

Based on an Ultradox workflow, it uses a Google Sheet as a base to generate PDF invoices, that are attached to emails send to the parents and it updates the balance values for parents on Bkper.   

The email

Personalized emails are sent from the school account to parents.

See the Email template


The invoice

Personalized Pdf format Invoices are attached to the emails.

See the invoice
See the Invoice template


The Ultradox Workflow

Ultradox building blocks control the simple workflow.

See the Ultradox Workflow

Finances on Bkper 

Balance Values are automatically updated on Bkper with each Invoice.

See the Bkper book


The Parents Base 

A simple customer base is kept on a Google Sheet to run the Ultradox workflow.

See the Google Sheet


Get your own invoicing workflow

Follow the instructions on the  Read me file. 

Go to the Google Drive Folder


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