Accounts Payable

Sometimes you generate Expenses, when you order goods or services from your Suppliers, which you will actually pay to them at a later moment or even in instalments.

Create an intermediate Liability Account for the Supplier, and book all the expenses you make to this account, which will increase the Payable balance with the supplier. 

Supplier >> Expense    products  invoice_0345   100,00
Supplier >> Expense    other products  invoice_0346   230,00

This generates a payable balance of 330,00 for this supplier, meaning: you owe this Supplier. It is good practice to attach the invoice to each transaction.

When you pay the supplier, you record a Transaction from your assets to the suppliers account.

Bank >> Supplier  p332  invoice_0345 & invoice_0346    330,00

This zeroes your payable balance with that supplier, meaning: you do not owe him anymore. 

You can have as many supplier accounts as you need, and even track your partial payments with the invoice numbers.

So, this way, you keep track of the payable balance for each supplier. 

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