Chart Reports

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Bkper Charts represent Balance values in any range of time and are a Fast and Easy way to analyze your Finances.

Access Charts

Click on Balance Values of any Group or Account on the balance sidebar and its charts will show. 

Note: by clicking on a balance side bar value, charts are generated with the query condition on:$y by:m   

Or Click on the Pie symbol (on the right) shown with any query result.

Interact with Charts

Pass your mouse over Charts to see details of balance values. 

 Click on a Group chart to show the group's account details in the chart. 

The Chart after clicking on the Group chart line reveals its Account details.

 Click on a Account line to query the related transactions bellow.

The transactions after clicking on the Account line refer to that period in time.

- Charts are always related to a query result. 
- With charts opened, Click on any Account in the transactions bellow to change to this Accounts' Chart info. 

Close Charts 

Click on the X in the top right corner of the charts.

Or Click on any item in the Balance sidebar.

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