Multi-Currency with Zapier

The Zapier Integration is great when you work with multiple currencies and want to keep record of consolidated balances in another currency in realtime. 




Step 1 

The Post Transaction Trigger from bkper starts the Zapier integration.  


Step 2 

Webhooks by Zapier GET the current conversion rates from

As the book of origin is in Euros GET the EUR base. Test it with  

Step 3

The Formatter by Zapier applies the exchange rate from ( to the Transaction Value with a Numbers Formula

Take the amount from the Transaction and multiply it with the USD rate from fixer.IO and round the value too two digits.   

Step 4

Record the Transaction in the book with the other currency.

Use the calculated output in step 3 to record the Transaction in the book with the other currency.  In this kind of setup it is good practice to record where the Transaction comes from, what exchange rate was used and maybe use a specific #eur hashtag for quick identification. 

The result of the multi-currency integration

Notes: This example uses Euro as the source book and Dollars as the target book.
            If you want to make this integration both ways you need to insert as a second step the Filter by Zapier (#eur / #usd) to avoid repeating transactions. 
            You can also use these Rest APIs to get the Exchange Rates
            Yahoo finance API 
            Open Source Exchange Rates API 
            Currencylayer API
            European Central Bank Feed

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