With Pluga you can save money and time in daily routines, like:

"For each new sale at PagSeguro record a new transaction in my book".

Accomplish such routines with Pluga, without having to write a single line of code.

Check out the following Automation samples.

.pluga_co_div { height: 700px !important; }

Automation Instructions

Select an Automation for Bkper

Select an Automation

Press Fazer Essa Automatização
Make automation

Select the Accounts you want to use for this Automation.

Select accounts

Authenticate and Authorize with your bkper account

Authenticate and Authorize

Press Continuar

Select an Automation

Choose a book where you want to record your transactions and complete the data you want to record from your source.

Press Continuar

Select an Automation

The Automation is now complete and running.

Select an Automation

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