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Listra leverages bkper to control business finances, including accounting and cash flow.

At a Glance

What we wanted to do

Know how much money we should earn to pay the bills, where the money is going to and who are the most profitable clients.

To manage the company cash flow in a collaborative way, poorly done before using Microsoft Money.

What we did

Created a custom chart of accounts and transparently keep track of financial transactions and accounts balances.

Integrated finance management and shared with its Accountant through bkper Add-on for Google Docs.

What we accomplished

Makes our financial management transparent and lets us understand better the business’ financial life.

Reduced significantly the time spent on financial and accounting administration.

I'm big fan of bkper, not because its cool, but because really solves our problems.”, (Mariana Chebly, Co-Founder & Art Director of Listra)


Listra is a small communication agency created by two friends from Brazil, formed by a creative team of 7 that works to transform market ideas in results. We offer complete solutions to improve business communication and make it more powerful, including: marketing, design, digital media, social media and presentations.

I use bkper every day. It’s amazing, it's getting better everytime and, the most important: helps me to go further in finances management”, (Thais Wadhy, Co-Founder & Marketing Director of Listra)


As a small business, we needed to control finances and keep track of profits and losses, so partners could make important decisions. Some questions we needed to answer:

- how much money do we need to earn monthly to pay the bills and keep growing?

 - where are the money going to, so we can take actions to stop spending money with non-important stuff?

- who are the most profitable customers, no matter the revenue they generate?

- We also needed to control cash flow.

 In the beginning, we used Microsoft Money, so we couldn’t work collaboratively because it wasn’t accessible anywhere. The financial management wasn't efficient and was too much time consuming. Even online products alternatives we've researched seemed to be too complex and heavy for our reality. We needed something not just more efficient, but simpler and cheaper.


As we were already using Google Apps for business, move to bkper was quite straightforward. First, we’ve created a custom chart of accounts to our business and started keep track of transactions, sharing the book among partners, and constantly closing account balances. Then, we realized we could use bkper and Google Apps to integrate finance management with the accounting. Using the bkper Add-on for Google Docs we've build a report engine to send reports to the accountant, at end of each month, in the specific format he needed.


bkper makes our financial management transparent and lets us understand better the business’ financial life, answering some questions about incomes and expenses hadn't known before. With bkper we could, for example, discover some clients that generated high revenue was the same ones we spent more, so the profit margin was not good, which led us to take an action about that.

Business management started to be more effective. Now we can easily record transactions from anywhere, by anyone, straight to our bookkeeping system. We always know the current status of our businesses financial position and report this position to our accountant anytime with just one click. This dramatically reduced the time spent on financial and accounting administration.

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