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Axtelecom leverages bkper to better manage field collaborators' expenses on the go.

At a Glance

What we wanted to do

End tedious, slow and error prone process of passing all expense receipts to the office for approval and posterior reimbursement.

Control expenses in a centralized way, to simplify management and give transparent feedback to collaborators and office team.

What we did

Collected field collaborator's expenses info in real time, with a picture of the receipt and geolocation, through mobile apps.

Daily and monthly automated expense reports for field collaborators and management team.

What we accomplished

Dramatically cut costs with commute and work time.


Decreased the time to report the financial position from an average of 4 days to just minutes

What once required a great effort and caused a lot of stress, is now a matter of a few clicks.

(Leandro Farias, administrative assistant)


Founded in May 1995, Axtelecom operates in the telecommunications industry, with focus on selling internet plans at radio and optical fiber. With customers spread over 19 cities in the south of Minas Gerais - Brazil, the company is in broad expansion and has in its portfolio of clients, governments, schools, colleges, industries etc. To date, the Axtelecom has more than 50 collaborators.

After bkper, I felt secure about the recurring expenses in various sectors of the corporation.”, (João Aprígio - General Director)


AXtelecom expenses and revenues are derived from various sectors, with internal employees and external collaborators in the field. We wanted to reduce financial management overhead by centralizing and simplifying the control of expense budgets, spendings and later reimbursements. Part of this overhead would be resolved by improving the interaction with field collaborators, sending expense receipts to the office, at the time it happens, in real time, avoiding approval discussions. Other part would be the reduction of the effort to create and extract the right financial information for reporting and integrations with other systems.


Axtelecom is gradually incorporating Google Apps for Work in their business processes, so discover bkper and its easy integration with other Google applications was a pleasant surprise to the management team. Today we collect expenses info with bkper mobile apps as well as Google Forms Add-on.

Field collaborators record their expense on the go,  exactly when and where it happens, and attach a picture of the receipt, avoiding the need to deliver the receipts physically to the office. At the end of the day each employee receives an e-mail, sent by an engine built with Google Apps Script, reporting its spendings, which acts as a reminder to post any other expenses made that day, and avoids any questioning at a later moment.

Management team now has a all financial data available in real time at the office, to support operational and financial decisions. The on demand reports generated by bkper, dynamic automated reports by its Google Docs Add-on, and charts dashboards with Google Sheets Add-on gives the tools and insights to allow an accurate vision of the current financial situation, support decisions and simplify processes.

By gaining everyday experience, the exploration of bkper features advances within the company according to business needs avoiding any other possible overhead so we can focus even more on our core business.


Several financial control solutions tested by Axtelecom met in part their goals. Bkper, however, managed to reconcile all the necessary features to achieve total control of the financial sector, the accuracy of the data collected at record time, such as the location and the image of the receipt corresponding to that activity, the user who performed the action etc. This turns the work of checking and consolidation of expenses into an efficient, quick and economic process.

The reliability of data and transparency of process decreased the number of trips collaborators needed to return to office to update their financial situation and report their expenses, once the management team knows in real time the exact balance each one has to reimburse or return. As we have our collaborators traveling to 19 cities to support customers, this improvement dramatically cut costs with commute and work time.

The report automation with bkper Add-ons for Google Apps saved lots of work to our office staff, decreasing the time to report the financial position from an average of 4 days to just minutes, at the same time it improved the quality of our reports.

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