Importing data into Bkper

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There are several ways to import data from other systems into Bkper.

Google Spreadsheet - Use the bkper add-on to import data into your books. Open a CSV file with Google Spreadsheets and select the cells you want to record. On the add-on select the right book, press record and the cells will be recorded as drafts. 

Copy & Paste - Copy any text from any source, paste it into the input field of the web console and the text will be converted into drafts on recording.

OFX files - The standard format OFX files, used by bank accounts and creditcards, can be uploaded (paperclip) or easily Imported with Google Drive

Integrations - Consist of proper and third party solutions that allow you to integrate other services with bkper. 

BkperApp  - The BkperApp library gives full control over the importation of data within Google Apps Script

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