Book Settings

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Book settings are set per book. The Chosen Book settings, like date formats or number formats are applied to a book and might differ per book for the user. Also different users with different user languages will work on a shared book using the same Book settings

Accessing  Book settings on the book configuration.

Changing the Book settings

Local Settings allow to change 
- The Time Zone 
- The Date Format 
- The Fraction Digits (upto 3 digits)
- The Number (money) Format anotation  
- And you can choose to activate Autopost


If the  Bookbot completes an entry with a very high level of certainty on the accounts found, if you have Autopost activated, instead of saving a draft, it will directly posts the amount to the corresponding accounts.

By now the only way it achieve  level of the required level of certainty is when you add both account names to the record text. If the Bookbot find the accounts by hashtags or description, it will keep the transaction waiting for post.

Autopost comes activated for all new books.

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