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Accounts, Groups, #hashtags & Descriptions 

Global Search Descriptor
Accounts Petty Cash account:Petty Cash
Groups Assets group:Assets
Hashtags #rent
Descriptions paper description:paper

from: or to:

Search for debit or debit positions with from: or to:  
from: revenue 
to: expenses 

Note : from: and to: can be used with Accounts, Groups, Types.  


Search for account types 
Example: from:incoming  


Search for users.
Parts of email accounts: robert
Email accounts:

Search for user activity.

Note: user activity is different than transaction state, so a transaction can be unchecked but a user might have checked it at some point.


Search transactions on a specific date or in a specific time range.

Note: Date formats depend on book settings.  


Date variables

Search transactions periodically.
General annotation: ($y|$m|$d)(-|+)(1-999).

Variable Representation Description
$d day The current day. Example: $d-15 (fifthteen days ago) / $d+1 (one day ahead)
$m month The current month. Example: $m-1 (one month ago) / $m+2 (two months ahead)
$y year The current year. Example: $y-1 (one year ago) / $y+1 (one year ahead)



Get balance detail by periodicity

Period Description
by:d Displays chart results by days
by:m Displays chart results by months 
by:y Displays chart results by year 


Transaction Status

is: draft
Note: Transaction State is different than user activity, a transaction can be is:unchecked but was checkedBy: someone earlier.


amount:2000    lists all the transactions with the amount of 2000.



Default behavior on bkper search is AND when searching for more than one word, but you can filter results with any of the following operators.

Operator Comments
AND Returns transactions that match both clauses.
OR Returns transactions that match either clause.
NOT Negates a search clause.
= The content of a string or an amount is equal to the other
!= The content of a string or an amount is not equal to the other
< An amount or a date is smaller than a given amount or date
<= An amount or a date is smaller or equal a given amount or date
> An amount or a date is larger than a given amount or date
>= An amount or a date is larger or equal a given amount or date


Bkper Search Examples

Who paid any transport or lodging costs with cash in june 2016? 
cash (transport OR lodge) on:07/2016
(Click to see the result)

Any consolidated transactions that ended up in the trash bin?

3 Month Profit Report 
group:"Expenses" OR group:"Income" after:$m-3

Note : - Save queries on the Query wizard.  
          - Use queries on the Add-ons for bkper to access to your results.  


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