Record Drafts and Post Transactions

Bkper creates a draft entry with the description and amount you record. Depending on the Bookbot this draft can be ready to be posted (complete) or not (incomplete). 

An incomplete draft either misses the from and/or to accounts and/or the amount, Required to post a transaction into your book. 

Clicking on the incomplete draft opens the form to complete these fields.

Each time when you complete a draft bkper learns what each individual means with a description and in the future it will create completed drafts that are ready to be posted. Meaning that you do not have to fill out the form anymore, press the green arrow at the beginning of the draft to post the newly made draft. 

A draft that was completed by bkper with other accounts, no worries you can still edit the draft by clicking the pencil at the beginning of the draft.  


Share books with team members and have them record entries, financial collaboration boosts productivity in finances and accounting. 

Entries are made in natural language, so anyone can record financial entries, as no knowledge is required about the system nor finances.

As Entries are made through a single line of text, they can be made from anywhere, through  integrations, enabling automated workflows.   


Smart phones AndroidiOS and Windows Phone

Entries can be recorded on smart phones being offline.

Entries recorded on smart phones come with geo reference. Remember that bkper must be authorized to access the geo location of your smart phone.

The bkper smartphone app comes with the possibility to attach snapshots from receipts. 

Voice recognition to record a entry is available on Android smart phones. 

Android smart phones with Google Now and the bkper App installed record entries with the following voice command. 
" Ok Google"  "Take a note  89 gas

As long as an entry is not posted as a transaction it can be  deleted from the smartphone by swiping the entry aside.

Smart watches: Android

It is possible to install bkper on a Android smart watch to record entries with the following voice command. 
" Ok Google"  "Take a note  89 gas

Web Console

The bkper web console allows to record entries through the single entry bar. 

As long as an entry is not posted it can be  deleted from the book. After deletion the entry is not searchable anymore . 

Transactions that are posted can be reverted, meaning the record does not show up on the book anymore, though in reality the booking was reversed and still makes part of the book. (#hide will show all deleted records)

Deleted drafts and transactions can be recovered from the trash bin.


Record financial entries generated on different sources consistently on bkper through integrations. For example online sales paid via paypal and consultancy billed through Zoho Invoices can automatically be recorded into one bkper book with integrations. 


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