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bkper search helps yout to find anything to control what happens on your books or to easily report or analyze your situation. This article shows how to use the query wizard and gather the right information in an easy and fast way that is beyond any previous experience.

Access the query wizard on the search bar

The query wizard distinguishes Checked, Unchecked and by default All transactions when searching for records.

Start typing account/group/tag and the wizard will show the autocomplete menu:

Default behavior of the date fields is with variables, that serve to keep your queries updated for a time range.  

With a selected variable, a second click on the field reveals more default options for that variable $d-1,  $d+1,  etc. 

General annotation: ($y|$m|$d)(-|+)(1-999).

Variable Representation Description
$d day The current day. Example: $d-15 (fifthteen days ago) / $d+1 (one day ahead)
$m month The current month. Example: $m-1 (one month ago) / $m+2 (two months ahead)
$y year The current year. Example: $y-1 (one year ago) / $y+1 (one year ahead)

Press Escape (esc) to change the default behavior of the date fields, to search for specific dates. 

informed date, the accounting date.

Post date, The creation date  (the right date column in the book).

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