Google Sheets Add-on

The Bkper Sheets Add-on lets you quickly record your transactions and fetch data from Bkper into your Google Sheets to centralize financial data and easily create balance sheet and P&L statements.

Authorize access to bkper for your add-on


You can easily record transactions from your spreadsheet data, as follows:
Record Transactions

Each selected line on spreadsheet will generate one transaction on bkper.

Auto Create Accounts

With a Column Title equal to a Group Name in your book, on recording bkper will check for the Accounts existence, in case it does not yet exist, bkper creates the new Account in that Group.

auto create transactions


To fetch Group's and Account's balances or transactions, from bkper into your spreadsheet, just follow the steps:

Fetching Transactions

NOTE: Only POSTED transactions will be fetched. Drafts are not included.

Auto Record

With Auto Record activated every time a new row is added to a Google Sheet a transaction is recorded in Bkper.

Prepare Autorecord

Open Auto Record

Activate Auto Record

Insert New Lines

Copy the Form, Spreadsheet and Book used in the Auto Record example above.

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