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Books often end up with undesired #hashtags that might negatively affect our search results.

For example, employees use the hashtag #taxi for reimbursement, but a few foreign team members recorded #taksi instead and these do not show up on the reimbursement report. 

To correct this you can follow these instructions.

1 Remove #hastags from autocomplete

Search for #taksi

Edit all the existing transactions, changing the description to the correct  #taxi hashtag.

Now the #taksi hashtag will not show up on the record or search autocompletes anymore. 

2 Remove from bkper Bookbot transaction complete.  

Write -#taksi, with the minus (-) up front in the input and press the red record button.

After this the bkper Bookbot will not consider taksi as a hashtag for future entries.   

Note: If you do not edit the misspelled #taksi on older transactions, autocomplete continues to show them and are still indexed for search.

Note: Unused #hashtags are automatically dis-considered by the bkper Bookbot after 90 days.  

A context menu script to list transactions per account

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