Attachments & Links

Attachments and External links are a great way to Keep all information together on the Transaction itself.  


Transaction represent one movement and therefor only one attachment can be added per transaction. You can attach pdf or images (jpg, png e gif). 

Other types can be uploaded to your preferred cloud storage, such as Google Drive, and add as an external link on your transaction.

Add Attachment 

Click on the paperclip on the input and follow the upload flow.

Edit Attachment 

Edit the transaction and click on the paperclip and follow the upload flow to replace the current attachment with another file. 

View Attachment

Click on the paperclip on the transaction and the attachment pops up.

Note: Currently it is not possible to delete attachments.  
          Maximum attachment size is 20MB.   
          There is no limitation on the total number of attachments added by a user.

External links (URL)  

Add external links, to keep reference of other information related to a transaction.

Add External Links

Copy the URL on the input field and record the transaction.


Access links

Click on the external link icon on the transaction and it opens on a new tab. 


Note: You can add more than one link to a transaction.  
          You can add both an attachment and external links to Transactions.
          Currently it is not possible to edit or delete external links.
          Cellphone Transactions are recorded with a geo reference link.


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