Bkper Subscription

You can try bkper for as long as you need until you get ready to Subscribe to one of the paid plans and fully explore the benefits for your business.  

Evaluation Period

During the, 30 days, evaluation period you will experiment bkper using a Subscription Plan without restrictions. Individuals with an email that does not belong to a company domain (e.g. gmail.com, yahoo.com, outlook.com etc.) experiment the bkper Standard plan. Users with an email that belongs to a domain name, experiment the bkper Business plan. Notably G Suite domains will automatically have their books personalized with the domain logo during this period. 

Identify the subscription plan you are experimenting during this period by entering the  pricing page and look for the plan that says Trying for Free.  

At the end of the evaluation period you will continue with the bkper Free plan or continue posting without any limitations by Subscribing to the plan you have evaluated.



To subscribe to one of the plans go to  https://bkper.com/pricing

Select your plan and click on Choose in the plan that best works for you.

On the pop up choose your billing period (Monthly or Annually),  supply the required credit card information and press the Subscribe button.

On subscribing the plan will write  your current plan and you will also receive an confirmation e-mail with details of your purchase. 

Note: bkper Free & bkper Standard apply per book owner, bkper Business and bkper Professional apply per domain. 


Bkper Enterprise

Need more than 50.000 transactions per month? Contact us for more information at  contact@bkper.com



Billing Period

To modify the billing period click your current plan, the current billing details show. Just choose another billing period and press the Subscribe button to change the periodicity.

Change Subscription Plan

Just click on Choose in the other plan and press Subscribe in the payment details pop-up. Your current plan changes to the new plan.

Update Payment Details

Press the  Update Payment Details button on the pricing page and update your credit card information. 


Press the Cancel Subscription button on the pricing page and confirm the cancelation. 

This will stop you from being billed again in the future, and will deactivate any paid features on your books. You will not lose your data and all other features will continue to behave as in the bkper Free plan. 

Number of transactions

Transaction counters are reset to zero (0) on the first day of the month and can be found on the book listing page.  


There are NO limitations on the number of books, accounts, groups, transactions or users shared in any plan. Transaction can hold one attachment (20mb) with no limitation on the total number of attachments or total space occupied.   


To read frequent asked questions go to  https://www.bkper.com/pricing

Still have questions? Send an email to  contact@bkper.com

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