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Bkper has a strong search engine to query any data for reporting or analysis purposes. This article shows how to use the query wizard and gather the right information in an easy and fast way that is beyond any previous experience.

The search bar on top of the bkper console gives access to the query wizard by clicking on the arrow inside the search bar:

It will open an wizard like this:

The query wizard distinguishes Checked, Unchecked and by default All transactions when searching for records.

Start typing account/group/tag and the wizard will show the autocomplete menu:

Note: Mixing Groups and Accounts of different Account Types might return empty result sets.  

Use time variables to represent a period in time. Especially useful to keep queries and expressions updated by a period in time. When you click on any date field, the wizard will show the variable options. Ones chosen a variable, the next time when you click on the date field more options for that specific time variable will be shown by the wizard. 

The syntax is:


See more bellow:

Name Type Description
$d string The current day. Example: $d-15 (fifthteen days ago) / $d+1 (one day ahead)
$m string The current month. Example: $m-1 (one month ago) / $m+2 (two months ahead)
$y string The current year. Example: $y-1 (one year ago) / $y+1 (one year ahead)

To query for specific dates, all you need to do is click on any date field, then press 'Esc'. It will hide the variables menu and show the datepicker, like this:

When querying with dates it is possible to distinguish informed date, the date corresponding to the actual transaction (the left date column in the book) and post date, corresponding to the date when the entry was recorded to the book (the right date column in the book).

Ideal for reporting and analysis is to Save Queries which are repeated over time. Name the query so it is easy to recall in your Google Docs and Google Spreadsheet Add-ons.

See the  query guide to write queries directly in the search bar. 

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