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bkper is a double-entry bookkeeping platform that allows you to make one line text entries.

The bkper Bot extracts source Accounts (from/credit) and destination Accounts (to/debit) from previously recorded information, based on text entered.

To make the extract process easier to understand, we broke these down into a few steps:

  1. Account names
  2. Same description
  3. Same Hashtags
  4. Same Place

These steps take place in this sequence: 1 > 2 > 3 > 4. If the account is found in any of them, the process terminates.

1 - Account names

If account names are informed in the description, they will be used, the first being the Source Account (from/credit) and the second the Destination Account (to/debit). e.g.

"Bank Household rent 1900"

If the "Bank" and "Household" accounts are already posted in the book, they will be chosen respectively as the Source Account and Destination Account and the process terminates.

2 - Same description

If there’s an existing transaction with the same description, it will be assigned to the same accounts as the previous transaction. e.g.

If this transaction has been posted:

"Bank Household rent 1900"

The next rent recorded could only be entered as "rent 2000" and the transaction would be assigned to the "Bank" and "Household" accounts.

3 - Same Hashtags

If you use the same #hashtag you’ve already posted in a transaction description, it will be assigned to the same accounts as the previous transaction. e.g.

If you’ve already posted a transaction:

"Bank Household #rent 1900"

You could just enter the next rent as "#rent 2000" then "Bank" and "Household" would be chosen.

4 - Same Place

When the transaction is posted on a mobile app and you post another transaction at same place, the bkper Bot will use that location to call up the account for you.

For instance, a transaction posted at the bakery:

"Wallet Food bakery 23"

The next time you enter data at the bakery, all you need do is enter the amount spent and the same accounts will be chosen again. And you can even complete any empty descriptions.

This process can be illustrated as follows:

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